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YZR/YZ Type Motors

YZR/YZ Type motors are suitable for driving all kinds of lifting machinery and metallurgical auxiliary equipment. They have high overload capacity and mechanical strength. They are especially suitable for devices that are short-term or intermittent operation, frequent starting, braking and significant vibration.
YZR/YZ Type Motors have good sealing performance, the motor protection grade for general places is IP44, the motor protection grade for metallurgical places is IP54. YZR series is wound rotor three-phase asynchronous motor, YZ series is squirrel cage rotor three-phase asynchronous motor.
The insulation grade of the motor is divided into two grades, F and H. Class F is suitable for general locations where the temperature of the cooling medium does not exceed 40 ° C; Class H is suitable for metallurgical sites where the temperature of the cooling medium does not exceed 60 ° C. Both motors have the same parameters.
1. Large overload capacity
2. High mechanical strength
3. Adjustable braking torque
4. Compact structure
As is known to all, HONGDA is the YZR/YZ Type Motors manufacturer, factory and supplier in China, which working in providing customized service for various parts. Customers are warmly welcomed to buy discount YZR/YZ Type Motors at cheap price here. For price consultation, contact us.
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